Hardwood floor sanding and refinishing
in Montreal and surrounding areas

Why should you choose International Floors for sanding and refinishing your floor and stairs?

Our experienced team works in a clean and meticulous manner, worthy of a craftsman, combined with the efficiency, cost and range of services offered by our modern company. In business since 2002, we know what matters to our clients, so we make sure to have the best equipment collecting 97% of dust emitted when sanding your floors. We also use low VOC, water based products from Bora and DuraSeal to refinish your floors, so your home will be odorless during the procedure. On top of that, you can walk on your new floors only 2 hours after application. Need reassurance? We have full liability insurance, releasing you from any damage that may occur during the hardwood sanding and refinishing of your space.

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Can I Sand And Refinish My Floor?

Most hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished once to three times throughout its lifetime. The amount of re-sanding or refinishing procedures that can be done depends on the thickness of the top layer of premium hardwood. This process entails removing the top layer of the finished hardwood through sanding and rebuilding a new smooth surface. This procedure can take about 2 days or longer, depending on the size of the space. While sanding and refinishing a floor may be costly and disruptive to the household, it is usually more cost-efficient than replacing it.

When Is It Time To Recoat Or Refinish My Floor?

When your floor begins to look worn and dull, this is a good sign it needs re-sanding or refinishing. Here is a quick test you can do to figure out the level of urgency for your floor treatment. Pour a couple of tablespoons of water onto the hardwood floor: if the water creates droplets, your floor is probably dirty or tarnished by wear and tear. Use a specialized product to clean it. If after a few minutes the water slowly soaks into your floor, it is partially worn and will need recoating or refinishing soon, but for now, just take a little extra care of it. On the other hand, if the water soaks right in, it’s time to recoat or re-sand and refinish your floors.

Sanding your Wood Floor, Stairs & Railings

Hardwood floor sanding is a cost-efficient and ecological solution to replacing your used and battered floors. When done properly by a professional, floors can be sanded down many times without damage and it will regain it’s shiny original look every time.

Sanding is not an easy process, especially without the proper equipment or expertise. How can you know if your floor has been sanded before or possibly improperly sanded? Is your floor too thin to sand at all? Our specialists use state-of-the-art tools and have the knowledge to ensure the best results possible, without any unwelcome surprises.

Our sanding methods are proven to leave the least residue for a clean and efficient work space. A good sanding job is crucial to having impeccable quality. Don’t neglect this important step, contact International Floors’ experts.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing requires patience, attention to detail and precision. During its lifetime, your floor will endure many things: shoes, animal claws, furniture and more! It is good practice to refresh your floors look and harden the finish with a good coat of protective, durable varnish. Your floors will look like new and will resist daily wear. Would you like to delicately change the color of your floors without staining ? Choose a varnish for those slight color changes. Like you, we love hardwood floors; we can refresh the look of yours with the appropriate products.

Durable and non-toxic products

Our professional, durable and non-toxic products help prolong the life of your floors and brings out their natural beauty. Application of finishing products usually has to be done two or three times throughout your floor’s lifetime: it is essential to its protection and to ensure its longevity as well as make your floors an integral part of your home design.


Floors, stairs, railings and more…

The refinishing service is offered not only for wood floors, but also for stairs and railings. Allow 2 days for the complete process of sanding and refinishing wooden surfaces, before you can walk on them. Let our team of specialists advise you on the best products for your surface.