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Hardwood floor sanding in Montreal area

THE floor sanding professionals

At International Floors, we offer repair services for your damaged floors, stairs or parquet floors before bringing in our sanding team, who use state of the art sanding machines as well as traditional renovation methods. Our professional floor sanding machine collects 97% of dust emitted when sanding your floors. Your floor will be brought to its original hardwood state.

We then proceed to stain and varnish the wood floor. This process requires attention to detail, care and knowledge of how a correct sanding method will affect the finished look and feel of your hardwood floor.

hardwood floor sanding

Professional hardwood floor refinishing… and more

Most of our projects are hardwood floor refinishing, from sanding to varnishing. But we’re also experts in handlings and stair sanding

International Floors

Why should you hire floor sanding professionals?

Hardwood floor sanding is a cost-efficient and ecological solution to replacing your used and battered floors. When done properly by a professional, floors can be sanded down many times without damage and it will regain it’s shiny original look every time.

Sanding is not an easy process, especially without the proper equipment or expertise. How can you know if your floor has been sanded before or possibly improperly sanded? Is your floor too thin to sand at all? Our specialists use state-of-the-art tools and have the knowledge to ensure the best results possible, without any unwelcome surprises.

Our sanding methods are proven to leave the least residue for a clean and efficient work space. A good sanding job is crucial to having impeccable quality. Don’t neglect this important step, contact International Floors’ experts.

floor refinishing project in NDG, Montreal