Refinishing & Staining Parquet Floors: An Amazing Transformation

Parquet floors are known for their unique patterns of blocks or strips of wood. They feature blocks and strips arranged in geometric patterns. These patterns can look engineered, but they are designed to be symmetric. The trend of parquet flooring is regaining popularity. This flooring style stands out for its aesthetic appeal, versatility, geometric designs, ease of cleaning, high stability, non-allergic properties, uniqueness, ease of resurfacing, and durability.

Hardwood flooring, in itself, is a highly durable flooring option that adds elegance and value to your home. Wear and tear will eventually take their toll on your otherwise durable flooring, interfering with its natural good looks. If you notice scratches and scuffs on your parquet floor, you may think of replacing it. However, it is possible that refinishing parquet floors may help restore their former glory in most cases.

Find out how refinishing and staining parquet floors can bring about an amazing transformation and add significant value to your home.

Restore the Natural Beauty

When your parquet floor is professionally refinished, the process will eliminate:

  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Gritty surfaces

These marks and faults will be replaced with a beautiful floor that looks almost new. 

Improved Safety

A wooden floor with damage not only looks bad but can also increase safety risks. For example, a floor that is splintering may cause serious injury to someone’s foot. Repairing, refinishing, and staining parquet floors can address a wide range of safety risks before they cause any issues. Thus, the process not only improves your floor’s looks but also helps make your home a safer place.

Preventing Rot

Hardwood flooring is likely to rot when it is not properly sealed. Mold, termites, and fungi are the most common contributing factors. Sealing your parquet floor can not only preserve its beauty but also strengthen its integrity and extend its lifespan. The stain will soak into wood and bond with it, which is different from the way paint works. This provides your hardwood flooring greater degree of resistance against moisture, bacteria, and insects.

Replicating Looks of Specific Woods

Staining and refinishing parquet floors allow you to change the looks without the need for replacing them. You may, for example, get your light-colored floor made of elm, beech, or pine stained with a rich cherry stain to provide a warm and rich effect just like mahogany or cherry wood. 

Preserving Natural Beauty

The beauty of hardwood flooring lies in its natural patterns and grains. Staining is available in a wide range of colors and tints. You may also choose a colorless or clear stain to preserve and improve the natural beauty of your flooring. Staining and refinishing hardwood floors offers long-lasting results because the stain doesn’t flake or peel like acrylic paint. It is also much easier to maintain.

Improving Value of Your Home

Your parquet floors make an impression whenever someone looks at them. Whether you are planning to put your home on sale or you are entertaining guests, refinishing and staining your floor can instantly enhance your home’s beauty. Hardwood floors are already a big attraction for potential homebuyers. Having newly refinished and stained floors can have a big impact, as it can help draw more buyers and increase your home’s value.

Thus, there are different ways refinishing and staining hardwoord floors can bring about an amazing transformation of your home.  It can also help save money by preventing the need to replace your floor. Professional floor refinishing is much more cost-effective than replacing the old floor with a new one. Besides, it will also help reduce maintenance.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of refinishing and staining parquet floors, feel free to contact International Floors at 514 791-5641 or write to us.

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