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Wood floor staining and varnishing

Stain and varnish: The final touch to your hardwood floors

In addition to sanding and installation of hardwood floors and staircase, International Floors offers wood floor staining and varnishing services. We are proud to use Duraseal and Bona stains, brands that are renowned for their quality and durability. These products are drying fast so you can walk on your floors only 2 hours after their application.

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Staining hardwood floor: Find the perfect match

Customers often ask us to match the color of an existing floor or piece of furniture. Color matching is not easy: the existing floor may have changed due to sun exposure or react differently to the new stain due to the wood’s essence at the time of the original process. Our experts can color match on-site: test patches can be applied to your hardwood floors to give you a good idea of the end product. If you have a sample of your current flooring, we can create your in-store personalized mix.

Wood floor varnishing and coating

After sanding, we apply a stain (or sealer) and two coats of varnish for maximum durability. Hardwood floor sanding and coating usually takes 2 days: a period of 2 hours is required before you can walk on the floor, and 3-5 days to cure %100 to replace furniture or add flooring protection to continue your project. You can choose from extra matt, satin, semi-gloss or gloss floor varnish finishes. These products will protect your flooring for years and years to come. Let our experts create the perfect finish to your floor.
floor staining and varnishing with Bona products

Frequently Asked Questions
varnishing and staining wood floors

Will my floor change color over time?

You can expect your floor to slightly change tones with time. The cause is usually from exposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun, whether direct or indirect. This color change will be more noticeable in lighter colors, which will darken over time. In addition, certain types of wood, like Brazilian Cherry, will naturally darken over the years. These changes are due to the natural characteristics of the type of wood and are not covered by most manufacturers’ warranties.

Can you also stain and varnish my stairs and railways?

Of course, we offer stair staining and varnishing service, and even deck straining.

How long does it take for stained floors to dry and be ready for use?

The drying time for stained floors depends on various factors, including the type of stain used, humidity levels, and ventilation. With the products we use, you can walk on your floors 2 hours after application, but you should wait at least 24 hours before placing back your furniture.

Can I change the stain color or the finish of my varnished floors if I want a different look?

Yes, it's possible. We’ll sand your floors before staining and varnishing, so you can change their color and/or opt for a more mate or glossy finish to get the look you desire.

Are there eco-friendly staining and varnishing options available?

Yes, there are eco-friendly and low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) staining and varnishing options available, as the Bona and Duraseal products that we use. These options are more environmentally friendly and emit fewer harmful fumes during application.