What is the Best Product for Floor Varnishing?

When you varnish your floor, it protects the surface for a long time by adhering strongly to the surface. As long as it is professional floor varnishing that is in good shape, the coating will be durable enough to resist stains from spills and damage from impacts and scratches. There are many reasons for varnishing your floor, and it is important to choose the best product in the market to achieve the desired results. Explore the key benefits of this process and the best products you should consider to protect your floor and maintain its beauty for long.

Benefits of Wooden Floor Varnishing

Floor varnishing has many roles to play in the protection and longevity of your wooden floor. Some of the key benefits are as follows:

  • Varnish will fill any pores and prevent dust and pathogens from collecting
  • It comes easier to clean your floor
  • Quality finishes can last for a decade or more, thus reducing your floor maintenance costs.

Types of Floor Finishes

The latest water-based wood floor varnishes feature advanced chemistry. They offer excellent resistance against abrasion and other types of wear and tear. Most of the current products feature special additives and binders that deliver high-quality floor finishes that can be as durable as oil-based finishes. 

Depending on whether you choose water or oil-based varnish, you can achieve different levels of color effects. Water-based finish is valued for its clear coat that maintains the natural color of the floor. It also accentuates the grain. On the other hand, oil-based finish will add a darker tone to your wooden flooring. Many homeowners prefer the yellowing effect of oil finish over time. 

If you have maple and similar wooden floors or gray or whitewash stained floors, you may prefer water-based finishes to maintain the natural look forever. It will also help retain the look of the stain if there is any.

Best Floor Varnishing Products

When it comes to choosing the best wood floor varnish, you should know about the following key characteristics: 

Waterborne Finishes

  • Very low VOC emissions and Non-flammable
  • Does not release any harmful fumes
  • High durability and resistance to regular foot traffic and pet scratches
  • Helps bring out the true beauty, colors, and grains of wood
  • Dries quickly
  • 3 days to cure for premium water based finish

Oil-Based Finishes

  • Drying-time: up to 12 hours for colors and 8 hours for neutral
  • High level of saturation
  • Low VOC emission (but higher VOC than water based finish)
  • Availability in multiple base colors for customization
  • Long cure time

The right products also come with the flexibility to achieve the desired colors. This can be done by mixing and blending oils and stains. Almost all types of shades and effects can be created to have an elegant and unique floor.

Application of Floor Varnish

Applying floor varnishing can seem to be a simple task, but it is best to let the experts handle it. Application is however simpler than spreading the varnish. It is a much more involved process and requires the hands of professionals with years of experience. You have to be very careful to avoid any form of streaks. It will be required to apply multiple coats. Each coat will have to be lightly sanded using a floor buffer and screen before the next coat is applied.

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